Ann's Visit to Warren MacKenzie's Studio

I made a quick visit to Warren and Nancy MacKenzie's home this week to pick up a few "advance" pots for our upcoming show to do some photos. The MacKenzie's grandson, River, welcomed me with a huge bearhug ("YOU ARE OWEN'S MOMMY!!!" he yelled as made a flying leap at me and wrapped his arms around my neck), and then informed us that he could show us where the pottery was, in case we forgot. He led us down the path to the studio, and we caught Warren just as he was throwing his last pot of the day. Look at how Warren is talking intently to River, while still keeping the pot going on the wheel...
The collection that is stashed away for us up in the attic shelves in Warren's studio are beautiful, and we are looking forward to their arrival at The Grand Hand in October!
In case you are wondering - yes, we will have the usual routine for purchasing Warren's pots of putting your name down on a list to draw a number to pick a pot for purchase. The number represents the order in which you can go into the gallery to select a pot to purchase. There will be as many numbers as there are pots, and a one pot per customer limit. We will ask buyers to leave their pots at the gallery for the duration of the show (ending November 9th). The process will begin when we open for business at 10AM on October 10th.


  1. Can one participate online?

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    When are you going to have another MacKenzie show at your gallery?