From the Fire

From the Fire will be on view at The Grand Hand from October 16 - November 14
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16, 5-8 PM

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Saint John's Pottery in Collegeville, MN, we'll present work in clay from Richard Bresnahan, artist-in-residence, and former apprentices Stephen Earp, Kevin Flicker, Sam Johnson and Anne Meyer. Saint John's University alumnus, designer and artist Willie Willette, has crafted a tea table from local elm as a companion to the clay that will be in service at a tea ceremony with Patricia Katagiri, Saturday, October 30 from 2-4 PM.
(Pictured above, Richard tends the Johanna Kiln at Saint John's.)

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Autumn ...

In St. Paul, we're enjoying a beautiful Minnesota fall with summer-like weather and gorgeous new work from our artists. The Grand Hand started September by featuring graphite drawings from Bly & Rowan Pope, twin brothers and fellow artists who create highly detailed, labor intensive work. "Media Mike" Hazard stopped in to photograph the pair, above.

On and On (September 11 - October 10) featured influence, iteration and innovation in clay and painting from artists Ta-coumba Aiken, Robert Briscoe, Butch Holden, Jim Grittner and Jason Trebs .

October brought the inaugural national celebration of American Craft Week (October 1-10.) Grand Hand customers had a chance to participate in a Ceramics Makeover, trading up from imported mass-produced pieces to artisan work.

October's Featured Artist is Kathleen Clair, an El Paso oil painter who formerly lived in St. Paul and recalls local scenes in her work.

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