SUMMER SALE now through August 23!

Stop in for great deals on fabulous art! Our summer sale includes artwork by Gatski Metal, Gail Chavenelle, Patrick Meyer, Jeanine Guncheon and more. You will also find jewelry on sale by Jacqueline Sanchez, Mio, Erika Sturm, Rina Young, Mary & Lou Ann and many more.


What goes on behind that curtain?

When the curtains go up in the Grand Avenue windows, staff members are in action mounting a new exhibition -

We start with a clean slate -

Artists visit and bring new work (Karen Engelbretson with her botanical prints) . . .

we learn about their process, materials and new directions (Mark Granlund shows his painting)

a layout is determined

Rachel and Linda hang and place the work

The installation is almost complete - we check the details . . .

Linda opens the curtain to a new exhibition!
Minnesota Botanical now on view through August 30.
Beautiful flowers and plants complement the art courtesy Leitner's Garden Center


Minnesota Botanical - opening reception Sat, Aug 8, 6-9PM

The show of botanical art by a group of extraordinary Minnesota artists and teachers got an amazing boost by the participation of our local, independently owned, garden store Leitner's. The beauty of the art - with all of the three-dimensional feeling and coloration ranging from the subtlest gradations to rich and vibrant splashes - is accentuated by the live plants that have been selected specifically to accompany particular pieces of art. All of the "living art" is also for sale, but is going quickly!

This is not a "strict" show in the sense of showing only work of the formal tradition of botanical illustration - although there are outstanding examples of such work from several artists who are also teachers at the Minnesota School of Botanical Art. Also included in this show are fiber art pieces for the wall by St. Paul artist Joan Levine, depicting specific species of plants and flowers, and the richly detailed bead work jewelry by Jinny Washburn, inspired by the organic forms of leaves and blossoms.

As botanical art of the traditional style is painstakingly detailed, time consuming, and requires years and years of training and practice to become accomplished at, truly outstanding examples of this type of art can be rather expensive. For this show, we have selected some of the best artists working in this genre, but have also made sure that we have work available in a broad range of prices by selecting some work created on a traditional printing press - all original, numbered, signed, limited edition prints, but less expensive because the process employed makes it possible to produce multiple pieces.

Also, for this show, we have broken with our tradition of not selling reproductions - both the original works of art, and prints of some of those pieces will be available for sale. To say that we at The Grand Hand have "issues" with places that sell reproduction artwork for outrageous prices, under fancy names that make it sound like something more than just ink-jet printer copies of original works of art, would be an understatement... it really ticks us off... However, reproductions do have an important place in making great art available in some form to more people, and in providing artists with important supplemental income - as long as they are sold in an honest way. So, at this show you will find high-quality reproductions - prints and gorgeous cards - that give our customers an affordable entry point to enjoy this exquisitely beautiful art form.

Opening reception Saturday, August 8, 6 - 9PM! "Garden Party" - we will even have Pimm's No 1 Cup and cucumber sandwiches! Come relax in the garden with us, meet the artists, and enjoy great artful conversation!

- Ann