We're at it again! Join us for Guys Night II this Thursday, December 17th from 5-8 pm. There will be complimentary beer from Flat Earth Brewery, snacks from La Cucaracha, complimentary gift wrapping and helpful staff to pick out the perfect gift. See you there!


New Arrival: Dick Huss Glass!

Many new pieces in all shapes, sizes and prices by our favorite glass artist, Dick Huss.

Join us for our 5th Anniversary Party/Holiday Open House!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 21 from 4-8 pm for our 5th Anniversary Party/Holiday Open House!

This is our big thank you to artists, customers, friends and neighbors who have made the Grand Hand's first five years a success! Come enjoy a glass of wine, hors d'oeuvres and live jazz and blues by Chuck Solberg. A portion of sales during this event will be donated to CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund) - in support of working craft artists.

Open Monday & Extended Holiday Hours

Extended hours for you to get all of your holiday shopping done!

Now for the holiday season shop 10 am 'til 8 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 am 'til 6 pm Saturday and Sunday.


More Minnesota Craft touring - North House Folk School

Our next stop on our North Shore tour with Carol Sauvion was Grand Marais, where Greg Wright, Director of the North House Folk School, gave us a tour of this incredible craft shool that is open to all comers, and a bit of it's history. My 6 year old son Owen checked out the handmade snowshoes and braided rug in the main classroom overlooking the harbor. The School's boat, the Hjordis, is docked just outside the school's buildings in the harbor.

Visit to Dick & Debbie Cooter's studio 10/19/09

I took Carol Sauvion, the creator of the award-winning PBS series "Craft in America" up to the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota to visit some of our favorite artists and craft-related places on the North Shore. First stop was lunch with Dick and Debbie Cooter - including lunch, and a chance to see Dick's brand new, two-chamber kiln. He expects the first firing to happen in November, and we can't wait to see how it works! Debbie had a rainbow-colored blanket up on her loom the day we stopped in. Carol and I are both still dreaming about the homemade squash soup and savory crackers that Debbie served... and the glorious colors of the north country Fall!


Don't Miss it! Todd Reed & Kiss of the Wolf Weekend Trunk Show!

Elegance and sophisticated, contemporary style blow into the Grand Hand Gallery in a big way when these two artists arrive with their entire collections. Todd's gorgeous designs incorporating raw diamonds and naturally-colored rose-cut diamonds set in 18K gold and sterling silver. The mother-daughter team of Lori and Serene Bacigalupi create one-of-a-kind wearable pieces in hand painted and shibori dyed silks and cottons that are so easy to wear and stylish that they will become the pieces you reach for every time you go out! This will be one of the last Kiss of the Wolf shows ever, so don't miss this opportunity!

Friday and Saturday 10-6
Sunday 12-5


This Friday (10.2) Reception, Reading and Book Signing

Please join us to celebrate the release of a new book by one of our very favorite authors, Nicole Kelby. Nicole will be here in conjunction with her national tour promoting her new book A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts, published by Minnesota Historical Society Press / Borealis Books. We will have wine, hors d'oeuvres, great conversation, a reading by Nicole, and - of course - books for sale!

A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts is a collection of short stories, rooted in the Midwest and cultivated in the deep South. They have been featured on NPR's "Selected Shorts," and on the NPR cd "Travel Tales", and included in New Stories From the South: Best of 2006. More info on Nicole Kelby

coming soon: twoXtwo

Over at The Grand Hand we're getting very excited for Two X Two!

Saturday, October 10th is the opening day of our Two X Two show. If you haven't heard, the policy for buying Warren MacKenzie's pots will be: At 10AM on Oct 10 you may put your name on the list to draw a number at 11AM. The number indicates the order in which you will be admitted to the gallery to select a pot. Sales begin at 11AM. One pot per person. Pots may be picked up or shipped at end of show, Nov. 9.

For more info on the event, and future events click here.

New Arrival: Sequoia Miller Pottery!

New pottery from Grand Hand favorite Sequoia Miller. As usual, Sequoia's work sells quickly. Stop in soon!


Loeber + Look Jewelry Trunk Show! One weekend only, September 18-20th!

This weekend, September 18-20th, we are pleased to welcome the entire collection of Loeber + Look jewelry!

Wisconsin artists Donna Look and Ken Loeber have been creating clean lined, contemporary jewelry in 18K gold and sterling silver for more than 28 years. Their work has been exhibited worldwide, won numerous awards and is in the permanent collection of the American Craft Museum.

Ann's Visit to Warren MacKenzie's Studio

I made a quick visit to Warren and Nancy MacKenzie's home this week to pick up a few "advance" pots for our upcoming show to do some photos. The MacKenzie's grandson, River, welcomed me with a huge bearhug ("YOU ARE OWEN'S MOMMY!!!" he yelled as made a flying leap at me and wrapped his arms around my neck), and then informed us that he could show us where the pottery was, in case we forgot. He led us down the path to the studio, and we caught Warren just as he was throwing his last pot of the day. Look at how Warren is talking intently to River, while still keeping the pot going on the wheel...
The collection that is stashed away for us up in the attic shelves in Warren's studio are beautiful, and we are looking forward to their arrival at The Grand Hand in October!
In case you are wondering - yes, we will have the usual routine for purchasing Warren's pots of putting your name down on a list to draw a number to pick a pot for purchase. The number represents the order in which you can go into the gallery to select a pot to purchase. There will be as many numbers as there are pots, and a one pot per customer limit. We will ask buyers to leave their pots at the gallery for the duration of the show (ending November 9th). The process will begin when we open for business at 10AM on October 10th.


Now on view at The Grand Hand: Wieben & Wood

Sarah Wieben, Building Bridges

Sarah Wieben – painting
James Borden, Bob Carls, Janel Jacobson, Jerry Kermode, Vernon Leibrant, Craig Lossing, Jay McDougall, Holly Tornheim and Kerry Vesper – contemporary wood
September 4 – October 6, 2009

For this exhibition, Minnesota landscape artist Sarah Wieben has created a series of new work inspired by the American Sublime painters of the 19th century, but reflecting the sense of political and cultural renewal taking place in our country today. Sarah’s A Destiny of Our Own Making is an exciting body of work – an artist’s view of the contemporary sense of a new American identity.

Sculptural, functional, turned, carved – we love wood art in all its forms. This show brings together some of the most outstanding wood artists from Minnesota and across the country.

Gallery Talk: Sunday, September 13, 2-4 PM
Noted Minnesota collectors Ruth & David Waterbury on acquiring wood art

Sarah Wieben on her new work:

In giving my current body of work the title “A Destiny of Our Own Making,” I am both quoting a great modern orator (President Obama heralding the passage of his Stimulus Package) and also making reference to Manifest Destiny, along with its visual component, The American Sublime. Which is not to say all American Sublime painters supported the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, because they did not, but they did very much address and respond to it, which is the potent point I’m getting at.

By today’s standards, the views of the American Sublime painters would strike one as benignly sentimental on one hand, to uncomfortably politically incorrect on the other, less benign hand. Their views belong to their time. What I admire about them, and what I am inspired by, is their level of involvement in the discourse of the day – that being, the formation of an American national identity. For the Sublime painters, who were very much influenced by and in communication with the writers, poets and philosophers of the day (Emerson, Whitman, Thoreau) the question of national identity was as new as the nation was young.

Today our nation has aged enough to be at a crossroads in our country’s history, and for us the question of our national identity is a renewed question. Who are we? Who are we not?

Having been born in the 1960s, I am a child of the Postmodern era. But as such, I have always felt estranged from Postmodernism, with its disillusionment and cynicism and its persistent dismantling of values – values that I happen to believe in. This used to worry me. What did it say about me as an artist to admit that I felt detached from the prevailing art movement of my time?

The victory of Barack Obama in November 2008 signaled to me that I had not been alone in my estrangement. Others too had languished and yearned as I did for political and cultural renewal. His victory was a harbinger that the country was in the process of a major paradigm shift. How else could one interpret the victory of a political candidate who built his campaign on the foundation of that most anti-Postmodern notion – Hope?

It has been said that a people cannot survive and prosper without a unified national mythology. I agree with this position with the added assertion that if a mythology exists by consensus, it ceases to be myth and becomes instead a reality.

If I am reading the signs correctly, and it is indeed time to reconsider the question of our national identity, then I feel compelled as an artist, and as a citizen, to participate in that discourse. The work on view for this show is the visual manifestation of how I see my fellow Americans – it is the beginning rather than the summation of my vision of who we are.

- Sarah Wieben
August 2009

Thanks! for attending Minnesota Botanical ...

and thank you to the artists who shared their work (Karen Engelbretson, Tomato, pictured.) Wishing everyone continued enjoyment of Minnesota's bounty as we head into autumn -


SUMMER SALE now through August 23!

Stop in for great deals on fabulous art! Our summer sale includes artwork by Gatski Metal, Gail Chavenelle, Patrick Meyer, Jeanine Guncheon and more. You will also find jewelry on sale by Jacqueline Sanchez, Mio, Erika Sturm, Rina Young, Mary & Lou Ann and many more.


What goes on behind that curtain?

When the curtains go up in the Grand Avenue windows, staff members are in action mounting a new exhibition -

We start with a clean slate -

Artists visit and bring new work (Karen Engelbretson with her botanical prints) . . .

we learn about their process, materials and new directions (Mark Granlund shows his painting)

a layout is determined

Rachel and Linda hang and place the work

The installation is almost complete - we check the details . . .

Linda opens the curtain to a new exhibition!
Minnesota Botanical now on view through August 30.
Beautiful flowers and plants complement the art courtesy Leitner's Garden Center


Minnesota Botanical - opening reception Sat, Aug 8, 6-9PM

The show of botanical art by a group of extraordinary Minnesota artists and teachers got an amazing boost by the participation of our local, independently owned, garden store Leitner's. The beauty of the art - with all of the three-dimensional feeling and coloration ranging from the subtlest gradations to rich and vibrant splashes - is accentuated by the live plants that have been selected specifically to accompany particular pieces of art. All of the "living art" is also for sale, but is going quickly!

This is not a "strict" show in the sense of showing only work of the formal tradition of botanical illustration - although there are outstanding examples of such work from several artists who are also teachers at the Minnesota School of Botanical Art. Also included in this show are fiber art pieces for the wall by St. Paul artist Joan Levine, depicting specific species of plants and flowers, and the richly detailed bead work jewelry by Jinny Washburn, inspired by the organic forms of leaves and blossoms.

As botanical art of the traditional style is painstakingly detailed, time consuming, and requires years and years of training and practice to become accomplished at, truly outstanding examples of this type of art can be rather expensive. For this show, we have selected some of the best artists working in this genre, but have also made sure that we have work available in a broad range of prices by selecting some work created on a traditional printing press - all original, numbered, signed, limited edition prints, but less expensive because the process employed makes it possible to produce multiple pieces.

Also, for this show, we have broken with our tradition of not selling reproductions - both the original works of art, and prints of some of those pieces will be available for sale. To say that we at The Grand Hand have "issues" with places that sell reproduction artwork for outrageous prices, under fancy names that make it sound like something more than just ink-jet printer copies of original works of art, would be an understatement... it really ticks us off... However, reproductions do have an important place in making great art available in some form to more people, and in providing artists with important supplemental income - as long as they are sold in an honest way. So, at this show you will find high-quality reproductions - prints and gorgeous cards - that give our customers an affordable entry point to enjoy this exquisitely beautiful art form.

Opening reception Saturday, August 8, 6 - 9PM! "Garden Party" - we will even have Pimm's No 1 Cup and cucumber sandwiches! Come relax in the garden with us, meet the artists, and enjoy great artful conversation!

- Ann


Paws on Grand this Sunday (8.2.09)!

Join us this Sunday for Paws on Grand! Here at the Grand Hand we have a great display of animal artwork as well as treats for canine friends! For more information visit The Animal Humane Society or Grand Ave Business Association.


Stand Out with One of a Kind Clothing and Jewelry

Look original with one of a kind knit tops by Latifa and funky yet classy jewelry by Mitra Vahhaji.

New Arrival: Leslie Pilgrim Paintings

New paintings in by Leslie Pilgrim.

Fresh Summer Picks

Cover bare shoulders on chilly nights with colorful and light as feather silk scarves, $45-$150, by Jo Hill.

Long dangly earrings by Emily Johnson, $98, to complement summer dresses and necklines.

Flaming rocks by Black Mountain Studios, $38, will light up the patio on summer nights.

Diane Markin garden sparklers, $44, will brighten up your garden or potted plants.

Hand Turned Wood Tops by Bob Carls

Need a thoughtful gift that works for just about anyone? Bob Carls' tops are the perfect thing. A whole new batch just arrived at the gallery. Carls has said to relax he'll turn off the lights, spin a top and listen to it slowly wind down.

New Arrival: Barbara Sebastian Jars

Precious porcelain fetish jars by artist Barbara Sebastian. Sebastian describes the interior of the jars to honor the sacred space within each of us to dream, create and dance with the elements in each our own way. Initially Sebastian created the jars at the end of a lengthy drought to honor the elements associated with rain: clouds, water, lightning and growth.

New Arrival: Fred Kaemmer

New pieces in by glass artist Fred Kaemmer. Check out our other glass artists here.

New Arrival: Mary Opatz-Herges

Sweet oil paintings by Mary Opatz-Herges are sure to warm up any space.


Cool video on our Visual Jazz show from MNDaily.com

The University of MN on-line publication MNDaily.com did this fun, short little feature on our Visual Jazz show. Staff member Joanna Scavone stars in this one!

Photos from MN Summer Dreams II Opening, July 11, 2009

Opening reception for Minnesota Summer Dreams II, on Saturday, July 11, was great fun - great art, good friends, and fantastic music by blues/folk musician Paul Metsa.