Featured in March ... metal artist Bob Rickard

During a 30 year career in computer software, Bob Rickard avidly pursued his passion for “puttering out in the garage.” Combining knowledge from an early stint as a theatrical stage designer with an interest in industrial tools, he eventually found that his favorite material was metal. Bob’s process, he states, is to “harness the myriad properties of metals: their rigidity, their pliability, and their essential chemical make-up.” His work ranges from furniture and wall pieces to his distinctive line of KronosWorks clocks.

After using a hand-held plasma cutter to carve his designs into a base metal, most often steel or aluminum, the artist coats each sculpture with other metals, typically copper, bronze and iron. Each of these metals reacts differently to the chemical patinas and dye oxides with which the pieces are finished, creating a rich palette of hues.

Bob attributes the quiet, calm quality of his work to the landscape surrounding his Taos, NM studio.

Pictured above: Country Blues Diptych, 24" x 37"; below: Hill and Dale Diptych, 24" x 37"
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