Paws on Grand this Sunday (8.2.09)!

Join us this Sunday for Paws on Grand! Here at the Grand Hand we have a great display of animal artwork as well as treats for canine friends! For more information visit The Animal Humane Society or Grand Ave Business Association.


Stand Out with One of a Kind Clothing and Jewelry

Look original with one of a kind knit tops by Latifa and funky yet classy jewelry by Mitra Vahhaji.

New Arrival: Leslie Pilgrim Paintings

New paintings in by Leslie Pilgrim.

Fresh Summer Picks

Cover bare shoulders on chilly nights with colorful and light as feather silk scarves, $45-$150, by Jo Hill.

Long dangly earrings by Emily Johnson, $98, to complement summer dresses and necklines.

Flaming rocks by Black Mountain Studios, $38, will light up the patio on summer nights.

Diane Markin garden sparklers, $44, will brighten up your garden or potted plants.

Hand Turned Wood Tops by Bob Carls

Need a thoughtful gift that works for just about anyone? Bob Carls' tops are the perfect thing. A whole new batch just arrived at the gallery. Carls has said to relax he'll turn off the lights, spin a top and listen to it slowly wind down.

New Arrival: Barbara Sebastian Jars

Precious porcelain fetish jars by artist Barbara Sebastian. Sebastian describes the interior of the jars to honor the sacred space within each of us to dream, create and dance with the elements in each our own way. Initially Sebastian created the jars at the end of a lengthy drought to honor the elements associated with rain: clouds, water, lightning and growth.

New Arrival: Fred Kaemmer

New pieces in by glass artist Fred Kaemmer. Check out our other glass artists here.

New Arrival: Mary Opatz-Herges

Sweet oil paintings by Mary Opatz-Herges are sure to warm up any space.


Cool video on our Visual Jazz show from MNDaily.com

The University of MN on-line publication MNDaily.com did this fun, short little feature on our Visual Jazz show. Staff member Joanna Scavone stars in this one!

Photos from MN Summer Dreams II Opening, July 11, 2009

Opening reception for Minnesota Summer Dreams II, on Saturday, July 11, was great fun - great art, good friends, and fantastic music by blues/folk musician Paul Metsa.


Minnesota Summer Dreams

As we get ready for our "Minnesota Summer Dreams II" show opening this Saturday, we were remembering how great the last Summer Dreams show was - work by gallery artists Mike Tonder (glass), Sarah Dudgeon (pottery) and Patricia Canelake (paintings) were gorgeous, and instantly transported us "up north to the lake". In case you missed that show, here is a peek at what it looked like. We always have a good selection of all of these artists work - be sure to ask us when you come in.

Because of our limited display space, we have many paintings and three dimensional works like Mike's glass sculptures stored in our back room. We are always more than happy to pull items out to show you - and you don't even need to know exactly what you are looking for. Say "I am thinking something contemporary, abstract, big, lots of color..." and we'll go running for things to fit the bill. Or "I'm thinking landscape... something calming... to fit in a small space..." No problem, we've got choices for that too. Want Ann to come to your home to see your space and come up with some suggestions? No problem, we do that too!

What pots are for

We love pots that are made to be used, and we love actually USING them even more. This thought was in my mind at the cabin this week, as we used and enjoyed Dick Cooter's plates and mugs for meals, and his vases for northwoods wildflowers; Jo Severson's little pitcher for salad dressing; and Steven Rolf's bowls for glorious organic salads from the Grand Marais Coop. Life is just better with beautiful handmade things all around and woven into everyday life...

Wanna see more? Come on into the gallery and get your own, or you can check out renting our little R&R cabin on Lake Superior for yourself (hint: the big stone fireplace makes it totally AWESOME for ski weekends at Lutsen Mountain). Contact Cascade Vacation Rentals: www.cascadevacationrentals.com. Select "R&R Cabin".

Happy Summer All!