Minnesota Summer Dreams

As we get ready for our "Minnesota Summer Dreams II" show opening this Saturday, we were remembering how great the last Summer Dreams show was - work by gallery artists Mike Tonder (glass), Sarah Dudgeon (pottery) and Patricia Canelake (paintings) were gorgeous, and instantly transported us "up north to the lake". In case you missed that show, here is a peek at what it looked like. We always have a good selection of all of these artists work - be sure to ask us when you come in.

Because of our limited display space, we have many paintings and three dimensional works like Mike's glass sculptures stored in our back room. We are always more than happy to pull items out to show you - and you don't even need to know exactly what you are looking for. Say "I am thinking something contemporary, abstract, big, lots of color..." and we'll go running for things to fit the bill. Or "I'm thinking landscape... something calming... to fit in a small space..." No problem, we've got choices for that too. Want Ann to come to your home to see your space and come up with some suggestions? No problem, we do that too!

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