Michelle Allee at Cafe Latte through June 30th

Gulf Coast painter Michelle Allee is happily back at work after her painting practice took a detour in the wake of 2005's Hurricane Katrina. The Grand Hand Gallery first became aware of Michelle's work by participating in the Minnesota Initiative Art Share, a project that found new markets for work by displaced artists in the aftermath of the storm. Now that the artists is reestablished in her workspace, Michelle's canvases - once layered with attitudes of sorrow and confusion - evoke strength and good humor. Her inventive textures, rich palette, and structures motifs have made her paintings popular with Grand Hand customers.
Michelle's most recent work is on display at the gallery's Grand Avenue neighbor, St. Paul favorite Cafe Latte - on the corner of Grand & Victoria - through June 30th. Plan to enjoy fine food, and intriguing art this season in St. Paul.

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